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WooCommerce offers powerful e-commerce features on the WordPress platform. With customizable themes, product catalogs, payment options, and integrated tax and shipping, WooCommerce makes it easy to create and manage online stores. Plus, it offers reports and analytics to track sales and growth. A must-have for eCommerce merchants!


Store front

Responsive e-commerce themes

Stylish and modern e-commerce themes are included. Wetail handles updates.


Easy real-time customisation of front-end themes to design the page according to your brand.

Pre-designed pages

Ready-made homepage templates that make it easy to get started with your e-commerce and look professional from day one.

Drag & drop page builder

Our simple and easy page builder tool lets you create great looking pages quickly.

Products anywhere

Publish products with the page builder or add a buy button to a landing page.

Landing pages

With the page builder, you can easily create landing pages for mailings or campaigns.

Built-in CSS editor

Easy to add CSS code to a page or globally if you want to style your page even more.

Video guides in admin

Many tools and features have educational video guides directly in the admin.

Onboarding guide

Follow our simple onboarding guide to build your e-commerce as efficiently as possible.


Simple products

Sell simple products that require nothing more than a picture, a title and a price.

Digital products

Sell digital or downloadable products, give customers file access after purchase.

Variable products

Sell variable products where the variations can have different prices.

External products

Sell products as an affiliate of other merchants through external products.

Package products

Packaged products allow you to sell several items at the same time as a package.

Product gallery

Upload multiple images and present products from different angles.

Clearance sale

Advertise matching or alternative items on a product page to increase your order value.


Advertise related items in the checkout controlled by the item in the shopping cart.

Related articles

Displays alternative products on the product page that contain the same category or product label.

Categories & Attributes

Creates good conditions for customers to navigate and find the right items.

Product filter

With filters, customers can more easily sort items to find the items they are looking for.

Scheduled realisation

Put the sale on schedule with start and stop functions.

Unlimited products

Our package prices do not limit the number of items in the store.

One page checkout

Premium checkout page that gives visitors better control of the order before placing it.

Product Reviews

WooCommerce has a built-in management of product reviews.

Discount coupons

Discount coupons are built-in so you can create promotions or give specific customers a special deal.


With the help of plugins, your store can have endless features. Many plugins are free to download to your store, but some require a small license fee to work.

Take a look at our plugins

Shop management

Order management

Smooth and clear order management. Together with our smart plugins, you can automate everything from accounting to shipping.

Warehouse management

The shop can manage and administer stock and also sell items on back order.

Organize articles

With simple drag and drop functions, you can organise articles in the right order for your visitors.

Import & Export

With the help of the import & export function for articles, it is easy to create products in bulk.

Media management

Manage images directly in admin. Crop and scale images to the right size for your store.


Revenue reports

A simple overview of revenue by period, broken down into product sales, VAT, shipping and discount codes. Compare with previous periods to follow the evolution.

Sales reports

Get reports on your best-selling items or categories. With advanced filtering, you can see, for example, which colours or sizes you sell the most or the least of.

Stock reports

In addition to receiving notifications from WooCommerce when an item is about to run out of stock, it is possible to receive stock reports on out-of-stock items, low stock balance or negative stock.


Reports show which discount codes are used the most, compare discounts with each other and see total discount per discount code.

VAT reports

Get VAT reports on different VAT rates, neatly separated into VAT for goods and for freight.

SEO & Marketing

Structured data

The page is prepared for Google to identify your business. Structured data further helps Google to understand your content.

Google analytics

Link the site to Google Analytics and track your visitors' behaviour.

Facebook & Instagram

Measure your campaigns from Facebook and Instagram by tracking their behavior on your pages.

Google Adwords

Easily connect to Google Adwords tracking script to track your campaigns on Google.

Product feeds

A product feed is always ready and updated to share with everything from price comparison sites to Google or Facebook shopping feeds.

Own scripts

If you need to track even more, there's room to add any tracking scripts from any service.


All the pages of the shop contain the right technology for search engines to index your pages and articles.


Guider & Video

Our guides will help you get started. If video is easier, video guides are built into the admin.


Our admin support will help you if you get stuck.

Real developers

If customisation or development is required, our team can help you further.


Modern servers

All sites run on their own VPS (Virtual Private Server) for optimal speed and maximum security.


We've teamed up with the best cache tool on the market for a WooCommerce store.


CDN is included for all stores to avoid unnecessary server load and provide faster loading times.

SSL Certificate included

All stores include an SSL for a secure connection between the store and your visitors.

Secure firewall

Harmful traffic or unnecessary robot traffic is stopped at the server level.

Daily backups

Each store is backed up daily with 30 days of history.

Spam filter

All installations are protected with Akismet premium spam filters for spam comments on blog posts and product reviews.

Service agreement

Wetail has a data processor agreement and complies with the Data Protection Act.

Get started with Wetail today

Simple and transparent pricing

  • Startup €39/month Up to 10 000 visitors per month
    Up to 500 products
  • Medium €69/month Up to 25 000 visitors per month
    Up to 2000 products
  • Large €129/month Up to 50 000 visitors per month
    Up to 10 000 products

All packages include the following

  • Operation and maintenance i Operation on modern virtual servers
  • 30 days backup i Page backed up for 30 days
  • Automatic updates i We keep your e-commerce up to date
  • Cache included i Speeds up pages when power is needed
  • Automatic code scanning i We actively look for malware to secure your operation
  • E-commerce themes i Modern and stylish themes for your e-commerce
  • Design templates i Ready-made templates speed up your work and keep your site looking professional
  • Drag and drop tools i Easy management of your design and content
  • Video guides i Video guides to help you in admin
  • Improved cash flow i One page checkout for higher conversion
  • Getting started support i Our support will help you get started
  • E-commerce guides i Complete guides for your shop

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