Do you want to increase your revenue while offering your customers an innovative e-commerce solution? Then it's time to become an affiliate with Wetail! Explore our exciting program and let's form successful business relationships together.

Strengthen your offer

As a web agency affiliate, you have the opportunity to strengthen your offer by offering Wetail's innovative e-commerce on WooCommerce and our integrations. By partnering with us, you can offer your customers an efficient and customized solution for their online stores, business systems, shipping solutions and Point of Sale (POS) solutions.

Simple and smooth process

Getting started with Agency Affiliate is a simple and smooth process with Wetail. We provide all the necessary support and resources for you to quickly implement our program and enjoy its benefits. You apply to become a Wetail affiliate via this form.

Increase your company's revenue

With Wetail's two-tier affiliate program, you have the opportunity to earn both from your own sales and sales made by other affiliates you have recruited. This dual revenue opportunity gives you an extra edge in your business strategy.
This is called Multi-tier affiliate marketing or Multi-level marketing (MLM).

A lucrative opportunity

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative opportunity to earn money by promoting other people's products. With Wetail's generous compensation plans, you can easily capitalize on your marketing skills and increase your earnings through successful partnerships.

Optimize your and your customer's business

WooCommerce affiliates can benefit from Wetail's seamless integrations with this popular e-commerce platform. By promoting Wetail as a perfect complementary solution to WooCommerce, you can open up new revenue streams for your business while improving your customer's business and strengthening your long-term relationship.

More about Wetail's offer

Wetail affiliates are supported by our teams to provide the best delivery to your customers. We have an efficient support that answers your questions for our Solution affiliates. If you choose to become our Partner affiliate and work with our ready-made solutions, you always have the opportunity to include us in conversations to achieve the best possible delivery.

Maximized earnings

Wetail's affiliate program offers two levels of compensation plans. As a Solutions affiliate, you earn 10% on every license sold while the Partner affiliate is rewarded with a full 20% on sold licenses. This way you can grow together with us! Our Partner affiliates work with Wetail's turnkey themes and own the consulting assignment, Wetail is your partner and support.

Wetail Page Builder for e-commerce

Become our affiliate and partner in the journey!

Strengthen your offer

Become an affiliate with Wetail and take advantage of an exciting opportunity to increase your revenue. By offering our innovative e-commerce system to your customers, you can strengthen your offer as a web agency.

Improve your margins

With generous compensation plans and the possibility of double earnings in two tiers, you can improve your margins and build successful business relationships.

Partners in Sweden and Europe

We are looking for partners across Europe, including Sweden, to jointly create a profitable and successful journey for e-commerce consultants and agencies.

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