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Klarna Visma automatic account assignment


Automatic reconciliation between Klarna and Visma eEkonomi.

When payments are made from Klarna, the revenue is automatically booked in Visma.

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Automatic travel account from Klarna to Visma eEkonomi

Fully automate your accounting by matching your payments from Klarna with Visma accounting. We handle payments, credits and Klarna fees completely automatically. Streamline your business and save money.

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The integration supports multiple platforms

Klarna integrations WooCommerce e-commerce
Visma eEkonomi integrations WooCommerce

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Record all payments

Your payments from Klarna are loaded into Visma and automatically deducted.

VAT of the fee

The VAT for the clearance fee is posted to the correct account in Visma

Fees are recorded

Klarna's fees are posted to the correct account in Visma.

Support for returns and credits

If a product or order is credited in WooCommerce, we create a credit invoice in Visma and the credit is deducted in Visma from Klarna.

Klarna merchant account and Visma eEkonomi as accounting software.

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