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Automate your bookkeeping to e-conomic with seamless integration from WooCommerce.

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Automatic sync to E-conomic

Automate your bookkeeping between WooCommerce and E-conomic with a smart plugin that handles the entire flow. You'll save hours of repetitive work and ensure the quality of your bookkeeping.


Sync your orders from WooCommerce to E-conomic

When the order syncs up, it sends you all the data needed to complete your accounting. VAT is automatically registered to the correct account, existing customers are updated and new customers are created. Delivery methods are matched with E-conomic.

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Let WooCommerce keep track of your articles' stock balance in E-conomic

Items are always kept up to date between WooCommerce and E-conomic. As soon as you create a new product in WooCommerce, it syncs up with the E-conomic item register. When an item is sold in WooCommerce, the stock is synced immediately when the order is uploaded.


Keep track of your invoices and bookkeeping

An order from WooCommerce can automatically create an invoice base in E-conomic. Your bookkeeping is handled automatically with every order sync from WooCommerce to E-conomic. You can automate the entire flow of an order all the way to posting the invoice.

Even returns managed in WooCommerce create credit invoices and restore inventory in E-conomic correctly.


Customers and addresses

When an order is created, we immediately create a new customer in E-conomic, and if the customer already exists, we update the customer's order history.

Both the billing address and the delivery address are sent to your customer register in E-conomic. If recurring customers change, e.g. delivery address, the customers are automatically updated in E-conomic.

This way, you get an automatic update of your customers in E-conomic.

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Your orders are automatically synced to E-conomic at any order status in WooCommerce.


The integration can automatically create an invoice as a basis for your accounting.


Sync items either manually or fully automatically to E-conomic to keep track of your item register.


WooCommerce keeps track of your inventory in E-cnomic in real time as it is replenished or sold through the store.


Full support for all currencies when selling to other countries.

Accounting by mode of payment

Regardless of the payment method, the accounting is done fully automatically to the correct accounting account and verification series.

Returns & credit invoices

When you create a return in WooCommerce, a credit invoice is automatically posted in E-conomic.

VAT support for all sales

The integration records VAT for all types of sales, domestic, international, with reverse charge for B2B sales within the EU and export sales.

In addition to our module, the following services from E-conomic are needed

  • E-conomic account that you create here
  • API key from E-conomic

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