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Connect your WooCommerce to Sitoo POS and keep track of your inventory with a smart integration

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Real-time inventory between Sitoo POS and WooCommerce

Keep your inventory up to date in both WooCommerce and Sitoo. Sales made in your e-commerce are automatically updated in Sitoo and vice versa.

The integration supports multiple storage locations and links to your ERP such as Fortnox, Visma, E-conomics and Specter.

Sitoo POS with WooCommerce e-commerce from Wetail

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Sync orders from WooCommerce to Sitoo

All your web orders are automatically synced to Sitoo and your orders are automatically delivered to Sitoo. Shipping ways are included in Sitoo you will see a notice in Sitoo's checkout if it is a Click & Collect order to be picked up in store.

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Manages inventory in both WooCommerce and Sitoo

Whether an order is placed in Sitoo or in WooCommerce, the stock is updated in both systems. When you manage your inventory or deliveries in Sitoo, the stock is updated in WooCommerce.

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Modern omni-channel solution

For a modern omni-channel solution, orders from your Sitoo checkout can easily be selected to be synchronised with WooCommerce. This creates an easier flow to business systems and you can easily create e-commerce orders directly from the checkout.

Click & Collect is managed directly from the e-commerce site and your customers can easily pick up their goods in your store. Paid and ready with e-commerce's flexible payment methods.


E-commerce reports in Sitoo admin

Our integration automatically updates all data between WooCommerce and Sitoo. This allows you to get reports from Sitoo for your e-commerce in the same way you get reports for your store sales.

Familiar reporting and transparency between systems.

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Orders are automated between WooCommerce and Sitoo. It provides complete control over your items, inventory and sales regardless of channel.


Create or import items in one system and they are automatically synced over to the other. Eliminate duplication and work easily from one system.


No matter where a product is sold, the integration keeps track of your inventory in both WooCommerce and Sitoo.


With Sitoo's smart inventory app, you manage your inventory and the stock is updated in both Sitoo and WooCommerce.


Deliveries made in Sitoo automatically update your inventory in WooCommerce.


Our integration reports your e-commerce sales to Sitoo for transparent reporting.

Click & Collect

The integration fully supports Click & Collect. Offer your customers to shop online and pick up in store.

Store 2 Door

Customers shopping in store can easily be offered to have the goods sent home as e-commerce orders. For example, your 3PL can handle the delivery to the customer.

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