WooCommerce Touchtech Vendo

Vendo's sales-driven Omni channel tool helps your customers in your physical store find sizes,
models and colours that the store is out of stock. Instead of sending the customer to
your online store, the online purchase is completed directly in your store.

The shopping of the future

Sew your physical store to your e-commerce. With Touchtech Vendo, you can take your customer service to the next level. When retail space isn't enough, your entire range and all sizes are available through a smart omni-channel solution. Customers can easily manage the screen themselves and pay for their items through Touchtech's intuitive interface, or your store staff can assist customers directly on the screen and complete the sale.

Integrate your e-commerce with Touchtech Vendo

Together with Touchtech Vendo, you create a seamless integration between physical store and e-commerce. Items that are not in stock in the store can easily be ordered directly to the customer's home via the online warehouse. A tool for both shop assistants and consumers to increase their sales.

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Stock in real time

Our integration with Vendo syncs your online sales warehouse to all your devices. When the model or size is out of stock in the store, you can easily help the customer order the alert online.

Order management

All orders created via your Vendo screen are synced directly to your e-commerce order management. The orders can thus be easily managed by your warehouse or synced over to your 3PL.

Each order is also tagged as a sale via Vendo and the store's store ID is clearly displayed in the order listing.