WooCommerce Unifaun

Plugin Unifaun ersätts med Wetail Shipping. Genom att integrera Wetail Shipping med WooCommerce ersätter ni enkelt Unifaun. Ni kan automatiskt skicka upp adressdata till Wetail Shipping och printa dina fraktsedlar med ett klick. Integrationen är så pass smart att du kan enkelt matcha dina fraktregler i förväg med dina pakettyper och speditörstjänster.

Unifaun ersätts med Wetail Shipping

Vår koppling till nShift (unifaun) kommer fortfarande att underhållas men för e-handlare som inte kräver integrationer till specialspeditörer rekommenderas Wetail Shipping som släpps inom kort. Inga fasta avgifter och inga krångliga integrationer.

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Sync the order directly to Unifaun

Put your shipping on autopilot by connecting your e-commerce to Unifaun. Manage your packing slips and printouts directly from WooCommerce orderadmin.

The order column gives you an easy overview of which orders are printed, synced or waiting to be printed.


Print directly from WooCommerce admin

Your packing slips can be printed directly from WooCommerce order management without having to go into orders.

With our bulk printing service, you can automatically print freight bills on all pending orders at the touch of a button.

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Matching freight modes with freight forwarder services

Match your goods and parcels with the right services automatically. This means you can match your shipping regions, shipping methods and shipping classes in WooCommerce with any shipping service you want.


Reach +150 freight forwarders X their shipping services

With a wide range of freight forwarders and carriers, you can tailor the shipping services in Unifaun that you want to offer your customers in your shop.


My Packages app

Customers can easily track and retrieve parcels directly via the My Parcels app.

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Order Sync

Orders are automatically synced to Unifaun depending on the order status of your choice.

Tracking link

Let your customers track the delivery via link or via the My Packages app.

Customs documents

Automate your customs declaration documents for international trade.

Manual sync

Even if an order has been automatically synced (optional activation), you can manually re-sync it through a convenient manual sync.

Bulk printing

Print all pending orders automatically with our smart bulk printing.

Support for SMS/Mail notifications

If your shipping services support SMS or Mail notifications, we will automatically activate them in Unifaun.

Print return slip

Automatically print the return slip when you print your orders. Works for both automatic and manual printing.

Compatible with Table rate shipping

The integration is compatible with WooCommerce's popular Table Rate Shipping plugin.

In addition to our integration that you order on this page, you need a couple of services from Unifaun

  • Unifaun Standard or Plus account
  • Order linking
    Order Unifaun services at a discount here via our ÅF account.

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