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Simplify everyday life by fully automating accounting between WooCommerce and Visma eAccounting.
As soon as an order is syncronized, Visma has full control of your e-commerce sales and inventory.

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Automatic sync to Visma

Automatic accounting for Visma eAccounting simplifies everyday life for merchants by reducing administration. An easy way focused and stay productive.

Visma Integration - order admin

Sync your orders from WooCommerce to Visma

When the order syncs up, it sends you all the data needed to complete your accounting. VAT is automatically registered to the correct account, new customers are created and existing ones are updated. And delivery methods are matched with Visma.

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WooCommerce will keep track of your products stock balance in Visma

Keep inventory status in sync between WooCommerce and Visma eAccounting. With each order sync, the item record stock is managed in Visma. If you create a new product, you can easily sync it to Visma with one click.


Keep track of your invoices and bookkeeping

The invoice can be created after the order is synced from WooCommerce. The invoice is used as a basis for your accounting. If you sell Business 2 Business, it's easy to use Visma's invoice service. Completely automatic. Accounting on autopilot not only frees up time to spend on more sensible tasks, it eliminates the risk of errors and saves work for your accounting consultant, making your business more cost efficient.


Customers and addresses

Invoice and delivery addresses are automatically updated for your customers when an order is synchronised. As soon as a customer places an order, the customer's address data is updated in Visma eEkonomi.

Get a better overview of your customers by recording their order history in Visma eAccounting. New customers in WooCommerce are automatically registered at the first order sync.

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Sync your orders from WooCommerce to Visma either manually or fully automatically on any chosen order status.


Create accounting invoices directly from WooCommerce and register them to the right account in Visma.


Sync articles either manually or fully automatically to Visma to keep track of your article register.


WooCommerce keeps track of your inventory in Visma in real time as it is replenished or sold through the store.


Support for accounting of different currencies for international trade.

Accounting by mode of payment

Regardless of the payment method, the accounting is done fully automatically to the correct accounting account and verification series.

Returns & credit invoices

When you create a return in WooCommerce, a credit invoice is automatically created in Visma eAccounting.

VAT support for all sales

The integration records VAT for all types of sales, domestic, international, with reverse charge for B2B sales within the EU and export sales.

In addition to our integration, you will need the following

  • An account with Visma eAccounting
  • Visma's API service

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