Woocommerce Zettle

Sync your WooCommerce and iZettle products with current inventory balances.Once you install the
plugin, you can easily connect your WooCommerce e-commerce to your iZettle account with the click of a button.

Synchronise products and stock balance

Transfer your products to iZettle at the touch of a button. The plugin can keep the inventory balance of linked products synchronized in the background (you choose how often) or in real time when a product in WooCommerce is added to the shopping cart.

iZettle WooCommerce stock sync

Create products in WooCommerce and sync them to Zettle

Avoid managing items in two systems. Create items in WooCommerce and sync them to Zettle without any manual effort. It creates a seamless way of working between your sales channels.

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Full bearing clearance in both directions

Keep your stocks intact. Wherever you sell your items, the item's new stock is synced over to WooCommerce or Zettle. That way you don't have to worry about your inventory getting out of sync.


EAN codes

By entering your EAN codes already in WooCommerce when creating your articles, you can streamline your daily work.



Manage and make deliveries via Zettle. The inventory is updated in Zettle and via the sync there is an automatic update in WooCommerce.

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Create items in WooCommerce and they automatically sync up to Zettle.

Warehouse management

Bearings sync seamlessly between the two systems.

Tax / VAT

Full support for all VAT classes.


Returns automatically replenish the warehouse and sync the warehouse regardless of the system the return is made.

Barcodes & EAN

Create EAN codes in WooCommerce and then automatically sync them to Zettle.

A Zettle account with a POS terminal

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