Wetail has for several years been the main supplier of integrations between WooCommerce and third-party systems to both e-retailers and suppliers to Nordic e-commerce agencies.

Adapted couplings

We develop WooCommerce integrations and connections to customized systems that currently lack ready-made connections. We help companies with complex distribution and accounting systems, customized subscription solutions, external admin to move data from old IT systems to modern interfaces, etc. to help companies work in a well-functioning world and increase the level of service with their customers.

Wetail Middle Layer

Many external systems have flaws in how their APIs talk to third-party systems, if they even do. With our middleware, we can take care of heavy processes on our servers that would normally slow down the website for your customers and sync data between IT systems in a smarter and more efficient way.

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From feasibility study to target image

Connecting two or more systems and synchronising data requires a clear vision. A thorough feasibility study ensures not only that the right data is synchronised, but also that efficient processes for the merchant can be created and increased operational security maintained by, for example, setting alarms in case of failure.


As e-commerce sites grow, the need for efficient processes becomes more and more important. Let the right system do what it does best. So-called headless systems harness the power of external specialised systems instead of consolidating all functions in, for example, the e-commerce publishing system.

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