Wetail Middle

Ready-made plugins allow merchants to go a long way in automating and saving a lot of time. These plugins are perfect for the start-up of e-merchants, but as more and more plugins are plugged in and different systems need to talk to each other, eventually an integration platform will be required to get control of their data flows.

Wetail Middle Layer is a modern integration platform that can handle multiple layers of flows.

Integration platform

An integration platform that handles multiple flows between multiple systems simultaneously, often picking up where third-party system APIs fall short. Wetail Middle Layer acts as a robot that, for example, keeps track of when an order is created in your e-commerce and forwards the order from your ERP system to your TMS and updates your CRM with the customer's latest purchase.

API at the front

Modern e-commerce is often based on many more systems than an e-commerce platform that "does it all". It is based on a best practice principle where the merchant picks the raisins from the market's cake of available systems. Simply the right system for the right purpose. A middleware helps traders to link these systems together so they talk nicely to each other and create efficient data flows.


The integration platform sits entirely outside the merchant's web server and therefore does not draw memory or processing power from the e-commerce platform. We read the data we need and pass minimal data to your e-commerce site to reduce the load of server power going to your visitors.


With Wetail Middle Layer, we can help you with messy integrations and keep track of your or your customers' integration data flows.

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