Migrate your e-commerce

We offer a modern server park where each site is operated on a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This means you do not share space with any other company's site. This both speeds up your site's loading time and significantly increases the security of your store's operation.


We take care of your e-commerce

With a modern server and a dedicated team, we can take care of your store's future.

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Modern servers

All sites run on their own VPS (Virtual Private Server) for optimal speed and maximum security.


We've teamed up with the best cache tool on the market for a WooCommerce store.


CDN included to all stores to handle more traffic when needed.

SSL Certificate included

All stores include an SSL for secure connection between the store and your visitors.

Secure firewall

Harmful traffic or unnecessary robot traffic is stopped at the server level.

Daily backups

Each store is backed up daily with 30 days of history.

Spam filter

All installations are protected with Akismet premium spam filters for spam comments on blog posts and product reviews.

Service agreement

Wetail has a data processor agreement and complies with the Data Protection Act.

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Simple and transparent pricing

  • Startup €39/month Up to 10 000 visitors per month
    Up to 500 products
  • Medium €69/month Up to 25 000 visitors per month
    Up to 2000 products
  • Large €129/month Up to 50 000 visitors per month
    Up to 10 000 products

All packages include the following

  • Operation and maintenance i Operation on modern virtual servers
  • 30 days backup i Page backed up for 30 days
  • Automatic updates i We keep your e-commerce up to date
  • Cache included i Speeds up pages when power is needed
  • Automatic code scanning i We actively look for malware to secure your operation
  • E-commerce themes i Modern and stylish themes for your e-commerce
  • Design templates i Ready-made templates speed up your work and keep your site looking professional
  • Drag and drop tools i Easy management of your design and content
  • Video guides i Video guides to help you in admin
  • Improved cash flow i One page checkout for higher conversion
  • Getting started support i Our support will help you get started
  • E-commerce guides i Complete guides for your shop

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