E-commerce to retailers

Retail with WooCommerce

Selling to retailers requires smooth management of customer groups and price lists. With a reseller shop, you can easily hide content that is only accessible by registered customers in logged-in mode.

Customer groups & price lists

Create customer groups with a few clicks and attach a discount directly to the customer group. New customers are then linked to their customer group and receive a price according to the customer group.

Customer application

Customers create their customer application via forms in the shop and are then registered as users. Only when the customer has been approved and linked to a customer group does the retailer receive his login and price list.

Customized content

Create customised and downloadable content that only your registered resellers can access in logged-in mode. They can also create content for specific customer groups.

Synced stock

Together with our Multisite solution or intermediate warehouse, you can keep your stock intact with your regular e-commerce by letting your business system keep track of the stock in your e-commerce stores.

Own payment methods

Retailers often order larger batches and want to be invoiced. With our links to business systems, we can synchronize the order with your business system and e.g. send the invoice with Fortnox or Visma.

Simplified ordering

For larger orders, your retailers need an easier overview of your items. With an overview view of items, customers don't have to click between items in the store and can place their order from one simple view.

Products for customer groups

Items can be locked to be sold only to selected customer groups. Can apply to pre-selected customers or customised customer groups.

Product packages & batons

Create product packages and/or minimum orders to prevent small piece orders.

Currency support

Charge in one or more currencies. Allow your customers to choose which currencies they want to pay with. This way you offer a flexible and customized solution.

Customized functionality

Our solutions are designed to make store customisation or special features easy.

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