Privacy Policy

Last updated 2021-09-16

Person responsible for personal data

Wetail AB, Organisation number 559124-3588, Hornsgatan 103, 117 28 Stockholm, is responsible for the company's processing of personal data.

Collection and processing

Wetail AB only collects the data that users themselves provide when contacting us, registering contact cases, ordering our services or seeking information. Data is stored for marketing, sales or accounting purposes. Personal data is shared with third parties according to the table below which describes the purpose, processing and what data is stored.

Right of withdrawal

For transparency, you have the right to access your personal data at any time, as well as the right to have your data rectified or deleted. To address any of the above issues, please contact Wetail AB by email ([email protected]) with the subject line "GDPR request".

Cookies uses different types of cookies to improve the user experience for our visitors. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the visitor's browser and save information about your behaviour on our website such as services that have not been ordered yet or to keep visitors logged in to the website even if they close their browser window so that they do not have to log in again.

We also use cookies to optimise the marketing of our services. You will automatically be notified of cookie usage when you visit the site. If you want to visit our website without saving cookies, you can restrict how your browser handles cookies. You can also delete your cookies on your own computer at any time. However, this will limit some of the user experience we provide today.

Google Analytics and AdWords

Our website uses Google analytics to collect user statistics for the website, the data collected in Google analytics is anonymous where we record which country users are browsing from which IP address, language settings and browser versions etc. Google analytics then presents the data to us in anonymised form.

AdWords saves a cookie on your computer or other browser device so that we can promote the services we think visitors might be interested in. The ads may appear on third-party sites that use the Google Display network.

Users can withdraw their consent to receive ads through the Google Display Network or participate in the Analytics statistical tool at any time. Learn more about Google's terms of service for Analytics( and Google Tag Manager(


In order to market our services to you who have a Facebook account, we use the same type of cookies as with Google AdWords. We also market to similar groups "Pre-Targeting", by which we mean that if your internet behaviour is similar to that of another individual, ads will be targeted to you with services that we assume will suit your interest.

Users can withdraw their consent to be exposed to ads from us at any time by managing their settings on Facebook(


We use Hotjar to analyse our website content and functionality. The aim is to improve the site for users. Hotjar collects information about visitor behaviour through clicks, which pages are visited and which segments of our website prove most interesting. Hotjar uses the visitor's IP address to collect information about the visitor's geographic location and also collects information about the visitor's language settings, browser version, screen resolution, type of browser device and operating system. The data is presented in a fully anonymised form and on graphical "heatmaps" that show how users use our site.

Users can withdraw their consent to the Hotjar analytics tool by unregistering their device at

Read more about Hotjar's terms of use( and privacy policy(

Data Protection Officer

You can contact our Data Protection Officer at any time with questions or to obtain access to your personal data. The matter will be dealt with within 72 hours.

Personal Data Protection Officer Pierre Wiberg
Wetail AB
Hornsgatan 103
117 28 Stockholm
Telephone: +46(8) - 643 33 33
Email: [email protected]