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With our smart integration between Sitoo and WooCommerce, you can continue to work with Sitoo as you do today. The integration syncs across orders, items and inventory, with support for Click & Collect. Manage all your orders and get reports in Sitoo.

Endless possibilities with WooCommerce

WooCommerce e-commerce is a future-proof e-commerce platform without limitations. Build exactly the e-commerce you want and integrate with more smart systems to increase your sales and customer service.

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We take good care of your e-commerce and manage your technical operations as well as an accessible Swedish support.

A smooth and future-proof e-commerce that requires no coding thanks to a smooth drag & drop tool and flexible modern themes.

Turnkey and modern e-commerce themes with ready-made page templates to easily get started with your e-commerce.

sitoo woocommerce integration plugin Wetail

Integration to Sitoo POS system


Create articles in WooCommerce and they automatically sync to Sitoo.


The warehouse always syncs between Sitoo and WooCommerce. We support both physical and virtual warehouses.


Orders are synced from WooCommerce or from Sitoo. Make delivery from Sitoo and the order is automatically completed in the e-commerce.

Click & Collect

Get a notification at checkout when customers want to pick up their e-commerce orders in store. Or send orders from the store via parcel post.

Sitoo reports

E-commerce sales are synced to Sitoo's reports where you can extract your sales data as usual.


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  • Startup €39/month Up to 10 000 visitors per month
    Up to 500 products
  • Medium €69/month Up to 25 000 visitors per month
    Up to 2000 products
  • Large €129/month Up to 50 000 visitors per month
    Up to 10 000 products

All packages include the following

  • Operation and maintenance i Operation on modern virtual servers
  • 30 days backup i Page backed up for 30 days
  • Automatic updates i We keep your e-commerce up to date
  • Cache included i Speeds up pages when power is needed
  • Automatic code scanning i We actively look for malware to secure your operation
  • E-commerce themes i Modern and stylish themes for your e-commerce
  • Design templates i Ready-made templates speed up your work and keep your site looking professional
  • Drag and drop tools i Easy management of your design and content
  • Video guides i Video guides to help you in admin
  • Improved cash flow i One page checkout for higher conversion
  • Getting started support i Our support will help you get started
  • E-commerce guides i Complete guides for your shop

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