Strategic advice

To achieve growth, there are many recipes for a successful outcome. You will be faced with many sometimes difficult choices. Should you start by optimising the conversion rate of your existing visitors, or will you achieve a better effect if you increase traffic instead? Is it worth investing in expanding the market, or is it better to focus on the existing market but work on increasing orders and the order value of existing customers?

We can help you prioritise your activities and development.


A feasibility study identifies where your e-commerce business is lacking to reach its full potential. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference in how your visitors perceive your products or terms. It could be a flaw in your store's graphic appearance or simply too little marketing activity.

Activity plan

Obviously, the highest possible ROI at the lowest risk is always the first priority in an activity plan. By developing a basic plan of activities, it will be easier to compare what is perceived as low-hanging fruit for your business.


Whether it's marketing in new channels, implementing integrations to third-party services or automating for improved customer service, some form of development is often required. We have many ready-made links to the systems needed to achieve optimal results, but we also have the resources to develop them.

Monitoring & optimisation

Monitoring and optimising your activities will improve your long-term results and allow you to review the outcomes of your investments. We follow up on the activities implemented, looking at outcomes where possible and making suggestions on how to optimise or automate further steps.

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