Web design

Web design is a task that broadly includes two parts: function and form. Let's start by clarifying the concepts below.

UX design

A well-designed web shop is a process in different parts based on the client's needs. Based on an analysis of the nature of the assignment, an optimal buying process for the client's visitors is identified. This includes how elements are placed, how the site interacts with the visitor and the choice of language. This process is part of the work's functional design, or UX design as is the correct industry terminology.

UI design

UI design is the step where the company's graphic profile is implemented on the functional design. This can be summarized as implementing the color and shape of the web page. A good prerequisite is that the client already has graphic profile or graphic bible, it will be an easier basis to implement a good web design on.

Objective & investigation

A survey process to identify your business conditions. Establishing a clear vision is a prerequisite for successfully identifying the needs to plan and produce a well-functioning web design.

We look at your company's historical sales, your content and the value you offer your customers. We review the sales offering and aim to compile a clear picture of the company.

We often meet companies today that have come from physical store sales and have fallen behind somewhat with the customer service that their competitors offer. Selling via e-commerce is not about competing with the biggest dragons in the market in the first place. It's about meeting their existing local and neighbourhood customers with equal or better customer service than the biggest players offer their customers today. It is about meeting their customers' expectations.

Content & UX

We map content, your marketing and activities expected to be used. The analysis will result in how visitors can navigate in a smooth way via banners, navigation, filtering and e.g. search.

The analysis work results in a so-called UX model of the new e-commerce, identifying a best practice for your visitors to be able to complete their purchases.

UI & Design suggestions

Based on previous work, we can produce a design sketch with the identity of the company. A clarity of how the different views will look, how buttons look and behave when interacting.

The goal of this phase is to make a common sign off on what e-commerce will look like for visitors. In the next phase, the design is produced into code by our developers. From design sketch to code on the website.


At implementation, our development work starts with the digital product. Our front-end developers set up a structure for your production and start coding all the elements.

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