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Wetail works to make your site fast, secure and stable at every step. From customization and unique plugins to advanced API integrations.


Code for e-commerce, the right way

We believe in best practice when it comes to implementation and code, which means we focus on building in a way that ensures stability and good growth opportunities for our customers. Wetail wants your future e-commerce to provide good functionality as well as have a great design, UI and UX that can withstand growth! Thanks to a focus on best practice, your site will have a good foundation for future updates, adjustments and further development.

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Our team of consultants will help you set the best plan for your e-commerce business, based on your circumstances. Take advantage of our expertise to identify your problem statements and make the best choices for your site. Our process takes into account your needs and the requirements you have for your e-commerce. We are skilled at listening to thoughts and ideas so that we can offer you a creative solution that meets, or exceeds, your needs.

The discovery phase and your needs

In our experience in the e-commerce industry, one of the biggest success factors in the development of an online store is a good consensus and understanding of the vision between our teams and you, the customer. Wetail's collaborative process and feasibility study aims to enable us to work as a team, focusing on the best practices for successful delivery. Alongside this, we avoid miscommunication and have a common understanding of issues that may impact costs and timelines.

Identifying needs

It is of utmost importance that we understand your needs and requirements for your project. We gather this information through conversations with your requirements managers to identify your goals. This process takes place over the course of several meetings between your team and ours, where together we define and gather the business-critical information needed for us to move forward to defining possible solutions.

Define solution

Once we have jointly identified the goals and requirements for your e-commerce project, Wetail can carry out its technical review and contribute with both structural and functional analysis. At this stage, we have an understanding of your needs and can move on to answering how to build an e-commerce with the best solutions, tools and technology based on your budget and technical experience.


At this stage of our process, Wetail has answered the "What and How" of your vision for future projects, but a number of points remain - including budget and time. The specific deliverables will vary from project to project, but we will agree on all terms before the project has its official start date. This typically includes overall functional requirements, a project plan and a cost estimate for a complete delivery.


Project plan

After a successful feasibility study and acceptance of conditions, Wetail will compile and deliver a project plan. This document contains all requirements, target images as well as functional and technical specifications of the needs to deliver your project from start to finish. This document is a compilation of all major deliverables of the project including the project vision and scope, specific visitor and user functionality and simple User Stories. Definitions around Quality Assurance and Acceptance Testing are clarified for the features and customization unique to the project.

Roadmap for successful delivery

We set up your project in our internal documentation and tools to give our team a clear roadmap for the entire delivery. This roadmap includes every expectation you as a customer have for the project and gives our developers a plan to follow and collaborate around. This document can be summarized as a documentation of what we need to build while giving you insight into what you can expect as the final delivery of an e-commerce from Wetail.

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