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Do you dream of starting your own online shop without it costing you anything? With Wetail, you can easily build your online store for free using free e-commerce themes, enhanced checkout page, drag-and-drop page builder and ready-made page templates.

Our professional onboarding team is on hand whenever you need help!

Webshop for free - Try our 30-day demo

At Wetail, we offer a free 30-day demo to give you the chance to try our services without any obligation. Test our features and discover how easy it is to build your e-commerce for free.

Our smart onboarding guides you step by step to get your e-commerce business up and running for free.

Free e-commerce themes

With Wetail, you can easily benefit from modern, free e-commerce themes that give your webshop a professional and attractive design. Choose from different themes that suit your industry and customize them to your needs at no extra cost.


Improved checkout page

8 out of 10 customers who go to the checkout page do not complete their purchase. The reasons for this are as numerous as there are ways to optimize this.

A smooth and clear checkout is key to increasing conversion. Wetail's One Page Checkout makes the shopping experience for your customers even easier, as they can complete their purchase on the same page without having to navigate through multiple steps. This leads to increased sales.

Drag-and-drop page builders and ready-made page templates

Build your online shop easily using our intuitive drag-and-drop page builder and choose from a wide range of ready-made page templates. You don't need technical skills to create a professional online store - everything is included in our package and you can start for free today.

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35 creative modules

With over 35 modules, it's easy to build a flexible layout for your site. Drop a module anywhere on the page and customise the colours, fonts and shape of the modules as needed.

100% code free

Create stylish landing pages by dragging and dropping any of the 35 customisable modules. Design your pages without writing a line of code, and best of all: it's all done in real time.

Always responsive

In a digital landscape where mobile is increasingly common, a website always needs to adapt to the visitor's resolution. Everything built with Wetail Page Builder automatically adapts from desktop to mobile. Of course, it is also possible to control the settings according to the visitor's device.


The content is built as static HTML and can be easily read by Google. Wetail's caching layer makes your pages fast-loading, and together with our image CDN, your pages will be lightning fast for your visitors.

Get started quickly with the world's largest
e-commerce platform - WooCommerce.

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Simple and transparent pricing

  • Startup €39/month Up to 10 000 visitors per month
    Up to 500 products
  • Medium €69/month Up to 25 000 visitors per month
    Up to 2000 products
  • Large €129/month Up to 50 000 visitors per month
    Up to 10 000 products

All packages include the following

  • Operation and maintenance i Operation on modern virtual servers
  • 30 days backup i Page backed up for 30 days
  • Automatic updates i We keep your e-commerce up to date
  • Cache included i Speeds up pages when power is needed
  • Automatic code scanning i We actively look for malware to secure your operation
  • E-commerce themes i Modern and stylish themes for your e-commerce
  • Design templates i Ready-made templates speed up your work and keep your site looking professional
  • Drag and drop tools i Easy management of your design and content
  • Video guides i Video guides to help you in admin
  • Improved cash flow i One page checkout for higher conversion
  • Getting started support i Our support will help you get started
  • E-commerce guides i Complete guides for your shop

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Frequently asked questions

With Wetail's webshop, you can get started for free. Our smart onboarding with ready-made templates helps you step by step to create your e-commerce quickly and easily.

With Wetail e-commerce, there are no hidden fees or other monthly costs. However, you will need a domain for your website if you don't already have one.

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