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No big difference if you're a web pro or a beginner. With our simple and innovative drag and drop tool, creating a personalised web shop becomes more joy than headache.

Keep your start page updated and sharp. With Wetail Page Builder it's easy to create cutting edge landing pages and best of all; you don't have to write a single line of code.

35 creative modules

With over 35 modules, it's easy to build a flexible layout for your site. Drop a module anywhere on the page and customise the colours, fonts and shape of the modules as needed.

100% code free

Create stylish landing pages by dragging and dropping any of the 35 customisable modules. Design your pages without writing a line of code, and best of all: it's all done in real time.

Always responsive

In a digital landscape where mobile is increasingly common, a website always needs to adapt to the visitor's resolution. Everything built with Wetail Page Builder automatically adapts from desktop to mobile. Of course, it is also possible to control the settings according to the visitor's device.


The content is built as static HTML and can be easily read by Google. Wetail's caching layer makes your pages fast-loading, and together with our image CDN, your pages will be lightning fast for your visitors.

Get started quickly with the world's largest
e-commerce platform - WooCommerce.


Start with finished pages

With one of our 20 ready-made templates, it's easy to get started with your e-commerce and start selling in your shop.

Choose your design. Customize. Publish.